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Ways in Which Carpets Are Cleaned By Professional Cleaners

Carpets come in various shapes, brands, colors, and materials but still perform the same function they were designed for. The use of carpets has gained popularity in both homes and workplaces over the recent years. The best levels of carpet maintenance are attained by professional maintenance. The carpet cleaners who do the tasks professionally are the best choice when one’s carpet needs a cleanup. The method of cleaning selected depends on the brand of carpet to be cleaned. There are numerous techniques of carpeting cleaning available the carpet cleaning sector that are applied by the companies that offer the carpet cleaning services.

The hot water extraction cleaning, popularly known as the steam carpet cleaning, applies the use of high pressure to disturb the fibers on the carpet and soften the dirt for easier removal. Any stubborn stains on the carpets are usually removed with a scrubbing brush to leave it as clean as possible. Carpets are never dried in direct sunlight, but it is often done inside moistures free rooms with air conditioners where possible.

The next is the carpet shampooing was popular in the past but lost customers with time after the introduction of the encapsulation technology. It works best with those carpets that need extreme cleaning due to too much dirt. It has lost popularity over the recent years due to longer during time, extreme stickiness as no rinsing is done after the cleaning as well as rapid re-soiling after the procedure has been carried out.

It entails applying a synthetic stain remover whose nature is usually a base on the spots of dirt and removed when they dry. The dislodged dirt particles are also encapsulated together with the powder during cleaning leaving the carpet dry and clean, and it is eventually vacuumed or brushed to remove the stubborn powder. The method is environmentally friendly, requires less drying time and uses less water although it is not suitable for heavily soiled carpets.

The bonnet cleaning involves cleaning the upper side of the carpet with heavy cleaning machinery together with a spinning pad that is usually immersed in a cleaning solution to absorb the dirt. The technique of cleaning carpets and other floor coverings is bets for places that have very little time dedicated for cleaning large options with so many people using the area. It is an expensive technique since it has to be frequently done.

The dry cleaning technique requires minimal drying time since it does not involve the use of water. It is safe for all types of carpets, requires no drying hours and the most efficient too.

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